Suppressing class path jaxb-api.jar can not be found

When loading an application in an osgi-like container with an app that references jabx-impl, you might see the following warning:
[WARNING ] SRVE9967W: The manifest class path jaxb-api.jar can not be found in jar file file:/D:/Java/maven/repo/com/sun/xml/bind/jaxb-impl/2.2.7/jaxb-impl-2.2.7.jar or its parent.
[WARNING ] SRVE9967W: The manifest class path jaxb-core.jar can not be found in jar file file:/D:/Java/maven/repo/com/sun/xml/bind/jaxb-impl/2.2.7/jaxb-core.jar.jar or its parent.

This one is caused by the specific reference to jaxb-api.jar and jaxb-core.jar in jaxb-impl-2.2.7.jar/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF:
Class-Path: jaxb-api.jar jaxb-core.jar
The artifacts that maven pull in have a different filename (with a version number) that doesn't match the expected build version. e.g. jaxb-core-2.2.7.jar and jaxb-api-2.2.7.jar

The solution:
Create 2 empty zip files and name them jaxb-core.jar and jaxb-api.jar
Place them into proj/src/main/WEB-INF/lib


  1. As of, the <logging hideMessage="SRVE9967W"> configuration can be used to remove these warning. Just don't forget that they are hidden if you need to debug a classpath issue.


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