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Friendly paths to access dynamic JSF content

JSF 1 is HTTP POST based and, as such, makes it hard to generate friendly/RESTful URLs that are meaningful to the user. Try to serve something like a content management system (CMS) using JSF and you immediately run into problems. However if you write a custom ViewHandler , you can translate the virtual url, such as /page/about/contactUs , into a physical page (view), e.g. /dynamicContent.xhtml . All cases where the ViewHandler references the viewId (which is just the full filename of the page its executing/referencing), need to be mapped correctly so that JSF opens the page that exists, while the user sees the content specified by the URL that maps to a database for example. Below is the view handler that wraps around the Facelets view handler to provide the described functionality.: /** * View Handler that wraps around first Facelets then the default handler, to translate the virtual address of the content page to the physical xhtml * page that will serve it. * * @author Ch