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Developing Plex Media Server Plugins

Plex Media Server has a nicely extensible API for writing plugins which are classified into channels, agents and services. However in trying to tweak a plugin I wanted to get working, I’ve discovered that the API that forms the latest Plex Media Server doesn’t match up with the API Reference provided. My next post I’ll give dumps of the runtime API and the differences in the object model – which aren’t too much of a big deal unless your doing audio only plugins (I’m getting a streaming radio station channel working). There also didn’t seem to be a SDK or toolset for developing the plugins, which upon looking at the plugin bootstrap procedure I can understand why – a lot of the classes are dynamically generated and together with some other imports, are set as global variables on the plugin’s executed I spent a bit of time trying to get PyDev to compile using some hackery but the way I was trying to do it I hit too many hurdles. I was trying to add the globals that are