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Using web component polyfills with template tags

I've been playing around with using <template> tags  and how well they work with the current Web Component ( Custom Elements ) polyfills. My main motivation for going for Web Components instead of something like React or Angular is that I'm currently developing a chrome extension. I wanted the code base to be as small so that it didn't slow down devtools and increase the frequency of hands. Plus I think it's going to be the natural progression from the current React/Angular/etc components - especially with HTTP 2.0's server push of dependant files removing the need for tools like webpack by allow all dependant files to be automatically sent in response to one request. I immediately hit problems using custom elements in a chrome extension as they're disabled by default. So in order to use them I had to forcefully polyfill the existing API, it took a bit of fiddling  but now works with both libraries I looked at. Next, using template tags an import li