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Setting ApplIdentityData on a Liberty Profile defined queue

Setting the necessary properties on the Java Client for MQ libraries in order to pass the ApplIdentityData is quiet simple, as mentioned in this stackoverflow post : MQDestination queue; //... queue.setBooleanProperty(WMQConstants.WMQ_MQMD_WRITE_ENABLED, true); queue.setBooleanProperty(WMQConstants.WMQ_MQMD_READ_ENABLED, true); queue.setIntProperty(WMQConstants.WMQ_MQMD_MESSAGE_CONTEXT, WMQConstants.WMQ_MDCTX_SET_ALL_CONTEXT); javax.jms.Message message; //... message.setStringProperty(JmsConstants.JMS_IBM_MQMD_APPLIDENTITYDATA, "...."); The meaning of the properties is listed in the documentation: Destination object properties . If using Websphere Application Server, you can define a Jms Queue as a Resource which can be intern looked up via JNDI. IBM has a pretty good summary of the different methods. How to read and write fields from the MQMD via WebSphere MQ Classes for JMS Version 7: direct, using JNDI and using WebSphere Application Server . To set it up in WAS7 f