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Jenkins build and multi-environment deploys

In our team, we can't run continuous deployment into our testing environments. Like most enterprises with large/legacy back-end systems, we only have a few up-stream instances running with populated data. That results in having a finite set of test environments: qa-1, qa-2, sit-1, sit-2, etc. QA would usually be stubbed out so having one per feature branch wouldn't be a problem but for SIT, having a consistent & known environment for integration testing makes this difficult. Previously, I used Bamboo and it had the concept of Releases, Environments and dedicated Deploy Jobs. These allowed for builds to be made into releases (manually or automatically) and have those release deployed to specific environments using predefined deploy jobs, with only one release being recorded as deployed to an environment at a time. The advantage of this was it allowed our testers to easily see what was currently deployed and where, without having to dig through every job. Jenkins 2 was re