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Dev Setup of a Mac

After working in my 2nd consecutive company that uses Mac's for developers and having forgot everything I used the first time, I thought I better write down all the tweaks, work arounds and config changes that got me using my mac efficiently. Remap Fn-C to copy Mac's use Mac-C instead of Ctrl-C to copy (and X, V to cut and paste). This is really annoying if you switch between a mac and Windows machine a lot. Fortunately you can use Karabiner  to map Fn-C to copy as the Fn key is located where Ctrl is on a windows keyboard. If your on OSX Sierra you'll need to use Karabiner Elements for now. Git Just run git from the command line and it will prompt you to install xcode tools. homebrew This needs to be installed first as it installs most dev tools. Note: if your behind a corporate proxy you'll need to run export HTTPS_PROXY=http://yourproxy:port first. /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL