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Limitations of compile time woven spring-aspects

The compile time woven aspectj spring-aspects provides some very useful features. The features I was after was: transactional boundaries between methods in the same bean. e.g. nonTransactionMethod() calling requiresNewMethod() without having to use self references or manually handling the transactions. consistent results between testing in Eclipse, testing via maven and running on the server (instead of using the loadtime weaver) During testing in both eclipse and maven I started getting exceptions of the likes "NoTransactionException". The individual test would pass fine but when running all the tests together they would fail. Debugging through the tests showed that transaction manager was still being called but it was the wrong one! Decompiling the aspectj woven code shows the reason. My simple class: package net.devgrok; import org.springframework.transaction.annotation.Transactional; import org.springframework.transaction.aspectj.AbstractTransactionAspect; impo