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Persisting ViewScoped beans across views in request

I came across this problem when trying to deal with view scoped beans that you want to reuse in a different view, i.e. after clicking next in a wizard like page. This was originally  Discussed Here  (now removed since Oracle merged Sun's forums). The View Scope There is a a brief summary of it here: JSF 2.0 New Feature Preview Series (Part 5) EDR1 Potpourri . Basically view scoped values are attached to the current viewId. Values for the view scoped variables are stored in the map returned by  UIViewRoot.getViewMap(boolean) . Which is great for when your accessing the same view. However, it is cleared when the view is changed (e.g. from a navigation result) FacesContext.setViewRoot(javax.faces.component.UIViewRoot) However, the flash scope was designed seemingly to solve this very problem. Using the Flash Scope Here's a write up of the Understanding the JSF 2.0 Flash scope . There's also some caveats shown here:  The benefits and pitfalls of @ViewScoped . So the