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Undeploying Google Guice jar file locked

When trying to undeploy an webapp that uses Google Guice from an webapp server like Tomcat, you may notice that it doesn't undeploy properly. The problem seems to be related to , which is a Thread created to clean up after Guice is finished. However the thread doesn't stop properly. My solution is to modify this class (by just adding that individual source file to the project as I don't want to rebuild the whole project) adding a stop method that can be call from a ServletContextListener.contextDestroyed() . My modified Finializer: private boolean stop = false; /** * Loops continuously, pulling references off the queue and cleaning them up. */ // @SuppressWarnings("InfiniteLoopStatement") @Override public void run() { try { while (!stop) { try { cleanUp(queue.remove()); } catch (InterruptedException e) { /* ignore */ } } } catch (ShutDown shutDown) { /* ignore */ } } public void stopThr