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Converting custom JSF 1 components to JSF 2

These are just some observations/tips I made when converting my JSF 1 components to JSF 2.

Simpler .taglib.xmlThe taglib definition changes from mycomponent.tld to mycomponent.taglib.xml. The xml inside the new file is similar but with some changes (i.e. <name> becomes <tag-name>). The major simplification is that attributes no longer need to be defined. Just the tag-name and component-type.
<tag> <name>menuItem</name> <tag-class>net.devgrok.component.MenuItemTag</tag-class> <body-content>JSP</body-content> <attribute> <name>value</name> <required>false</required> <deferred-value> <type>java.lang.String</type> </deferred-value> </attribute> </tag>Becomes:
<tag> <tag-name>menuItem</tag-name> <component> <component-type>net.devgrok.MenuItem</component-type> </component> </tag>And the newly created xml fi…